Safe Deposit Boxes

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your valuables and important documents in a state-of-the-art Safe Deposit Box. You do not need to check in and have an employee walk you back to the box. Western Sun has a biometric palm entrance. When you open your box, you will have your hand scanned which enables you access to your box. That means only those you truly want in will be able to enter.

Sizes and prices: 

  • 3x5 - $20
  • 3x10 - $35
  • 5x10 - $45
  • 10x10 - $90

Call 918.362.1400 for more information or email Please DO NOT include personal or account information such as account number in your email as it is unsecured once you hit send. The main office in Broken Arrow is the only location with safe deposit boxes.