Mobile Deposit Capture

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Mobile Deposit Capture

Mobile Deposit Capture (MDC) allows you to deposit your checks using without having to go Western Sun or a Service Center.

1. First you will have to download our Mobile App for your phone. The App is available for both Apple andf Android phones. Please search under Western Sun FCU.

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2. Next you will need to be a user of our Internet Banking. Click here to learn more or enroll.

3. Then you can go in to the Mobile App that you have downloaded, log in and go into the deposit screen.

4. Endorse the check with your signature and write "Mobile Deposit to Western Sun FCU" under your signature. By utilizing Mobile Deposit Capture, you agree to endorse any item transmitted through the service this way.

5. Say cheese! Touch the camera icon which will open up your camera. Place the check in a well-lit area and snap its picture. Please make sure to get the entire check in the photo. Please remember to hold on to the check in case there are any questions or issues.


System Requirements for Mobile Deposit Capture

  • iPhone or iPod Touch with iPhone iOS 11.0 or higher
  • Android smartphone or tablet with Android 5.0 or higher
  • Hardware must have a camera


Mobile Check Deposit Policy and FAQ's