Online Banking

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to safely access your credit union accounts or transfer money anytime from your computer or smartphone? Guess what? You can with our mobile and digital banking tools.

Western Sun Federal Credit Union has a seamless and safe mobile banking website where you can check your balances, view records of your transactions, transfer funds, pay bills online, and download statements.

You can perform all these functions on your smartphone as well by using our mobile banking app. Did you get a paper check and don’t have time to deposit it at a branch? Simply open this app and deposit it digitally. Remember that when endorsing checks for mobile deposit that all checks submitted should be endorsed with (1) your signature, and (2) the description, “Mobile Deposit to Western Sun FCU” written under your signature. Checks that are not properly endorsed with these two items will be rejected for deposit.

If you are still getting a paper copy of your monthly statement in the mail and concerned about mail theft, then consider signing up for an E-statement. Not only is it safer than a mailed paper copy, but it reduces clutter. If you like keeping a hard copy for your records, you can easily download and print it on your own printer.

Mobile banking allows you to manage and access your money at your convenience, from anywhere you get a secured internet connection or cell reception. (We do not recommend performing any banking transactions on public wi-fi.) There is no need to take time out of your busy day to physically go to one of our branches. Simply log in anytime you like, 24/7, and take care of all your routine banking tasks.


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