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Motorcycle Loans

Western Sun offers some of the lowest loan rates on motorcycles that you will find! This isn't a just teaser rate! You'll actually enjoy great terms on your loan which ends up giving you a low monthly payment. You will enjoy the same low fixed rates for both new and used bikes.  We lend to you, not the motorcycle you drive so why should your vehicle determine the rate? 

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Apply whichever way is most convenient for you, online, in person at any branch location or by phone. You can also fax your application to any branch of your choice. Click here to apply.

Refinance Your Current Bike Loan with Us and Save

If your bike is already financed with another lender, click here to compare rates. Refinancing your loan at Western Sun might save you money. Refinance today!

Move My Loan

Paying too much with another bank, credit union or dealership? Move your loan to Western Sun! We would love to help you save money every month, shorten your term or both! Click here to apply.

Take a break from payments!

Western Sun offers its members who have made at least 4 payments on their loan a holiday Skip-a-Pay for only $35 on your November or December loan. Qualifying loans will receive a notice by mail with more information. Real Estate, PLC and Credit Cards do not qualify for Skip-a-Pay.

Click here for the Skip-a-Pay form.

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