Fee Schedule

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Fee Schedule


Savings Account Fees/Club Accounts/Money Market     (As of 9/22/16)

Christmas Club Service Early Withdrawal $5.00

Prime Time Club (for members age 55+)
(If the primary account holder's aggregate balance falls below $2,500 per month)


Money Market
(If account balance falls below $2,000 any one time during the month and/or if you exceed 6 total transactions per month or 3 checks per month)


Excessive Savings (Share) withdrawal- Reg D 

$2 each after 6 per month

Checking Accounts

Fresh Start Checking
No monthly fee if average monthly balance is $150+.

A2A External Transfers $2.00 per item

Copies of statement (including credit card), account history, 1099 check, ATM or check card

$3.00 each
Return Check/Returned Check Loan Account/VISA Convenience Check (nsf=insufficient) $25.00 each
Return Check (third party insufficient) $15.00 each
Check Cashing (non-member/third party) $5.00 each
Overdraft Transfer Protection $2.00 per transfer
Courtesy Pay (must qualify) $25.00 each
Stop Payment (member check) $20.00 each
Stop Payment (corporate check) $25.00 each
Dormant Account (incorrect address > 1 year) $10.00 quarterly
Inactive Account (inactive > 3 years) $10.00 quarterly
ATM Charge (after 6 free transactions) $1.50 per withdrawal
ATM Charge for Balance Inquiries $1.00 per inquiry
ATM/Check Card Replacement $6.00
Automatic Draft Reject (ACH) $25.00
Temporary Checks (ten free) $.10
Multiple Credit Union Check $2.00

Special Services Fees

Account Reconciliation $15.00 per hour
Official Check $2.00 each
Money Order $2.00 each
Lien Release (duplicate) $10.00 each
Child Support Levy (remitted funds) $20.00
Wire Transfer (outgoing) $15.00 each
Western Union Money Transfer $15.00 each
International Wire $30.00 each
Internet Banking/Bill Payer FREE
Check Order (prices may vary) Cost
Notary Services FREE for members
Gift Cards $2.50
Garnishment/Legal Processing Fees $25.00
Verification of Deposit $5.00
IRA Administration Fee $10.00 per IRA per year
Visa Cash Advance Fee 3% of Cash Advance up to $25.00
Visa Convenience Checks $2.00
Visa Retrieval Request $2.00
Online WSFCU loan payment through SWBC $10.00
Returned Mail Fee $3.00
Returned Certified Mail $10.00
Safe Deposit Box lost key


Pop Money 

$.60 3-Day, $1.50 next day

Next day Bill Payment on Bill Pay $9.95
 Overnight Bill Payment on Bill Pay $14.95
Visa On-Demand ACH $5.00
Visa Rush Card $75.00

Lending Fees


Late Fee 5% of payment Max. $10.00
Visa Late Fee $15
Filing Fee $21.00
Deferment Fee/Skip a Pay $35.00
Mortgage Fees Cost
Certified Mail Titles Cost